With take-out and delivery being the main channel for delivery since the Coronavirus pandemic, establishing a digital presence and building a virtual community around a restaurant brand will be more important.  Here is a basic guide of how to get started or improve your optimizing your current account!


Starting an account

  • Make your profile public and sign up for an Instagram business account.
  • Make your handle (Instagram name @xyz) recognizable.
  • Include your website link in your bio with a call to action (such as “Click to place your order today”)


  • Set a profile photo that reflects your business
  • Create engaging content that captures your product line and caption it with engaging keywords.
  • Speak with a genuine voice rather than speaking as a salesmen. Audiences want to connect organically and can spot superficial voices. Think of it as highlighting a product, while building an online community.
  • Give real life examples of your product in use. Try using people-centric photos of customers enjoying your food. This can include reposts your followers. It shows real world application of your product and satisfaction. Behind the scenes or “in the kitchen” content also offers opportunities to connect with audience in new ways. It will give followers a better understanding of how the food is produced.
  • Present a variety of content mediums such as video, Instagram Live, and stories. There will be multiple ways to highlight the product and each medium will be able to capture different audiences.
  • In addition to your product, feature your team and staff members to show the humanity behind the restaurant brand. You can make it more dynamic by having them rotate doing a social media “takeover” where they show your audience what they do day-to-day in the restaurant (and outside of the establishment).
  • Edit your content and put your best food forward. There are countless apps on the market available to edit your content. Remember that you want to highlight the product as beautifully, as possible.
    • The easiest way to upgrade your content is to get proper lighting. There are many cheap set ups easily found for less than $50. Simple LED light strips with about 5000K with a variety of warmth will be handy for all types of photography. A light box will also help you optimize your lighting to the fullest. 
    • Experiment with various apps some of our favorites are: Foodie, Camera 360, Adobe Lightroom.

Content delivery

  • Research high traffic times in your time zone and post regularly during those time frames.
    • Research shows that Instagram users seeking consumer goods are most active on Wednesdays at 3 PM, and Fridays at 11 AM.
    • Hotspots mainly fall between Tuesdays – Fridays between 11 AM- 3 PM.
  • Try reworking the same content to use cross-functionally on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Interact with others

  • Follow your followers and interact with fans. Thank them for follows, likes and comments. Respond to their questions — and even their criticisms. (It’s not about getting a bad review, it’s how you respond to it.)
  • Engage with social media influencers and let them be aware of your existence so that they can tag you.
  • Respond to comments on your posts so your audience feels heard.
  • Instagram Live is a great tool to have engaging experiences with your audience.

Information gathering

  • Use SEO tools to track your data analytics such as: hootsuite, sprinklr, sproutsocial. This is important to help you test different strategies to find what works best for you and your audience.
  • Track your Instagram traffic and create click-through links with tools like: Bitly, tap.bio, linktree
  • Identify and optimize keywords that describe your business.
  • Hashtags:
    • Follow hashtags that are related to your product to explore other keywords used to generate traffic.
    • Create original hashtags that include your own brand name.
    • Garner a sense of community and belonging with tags such as “Xbakery”, “XBakeryCommunity”



Good luck on your journey!