By Dagny Brand

On a mission to “curate, grow, and collect valuable plant species from Hawaii and around the world,” Kamahi Produce and Horticulture grows a tropical flower selection and is expanding into fruit trees. The farm is “dedicated to growing food for the local community,” as owner and founder Jason Silverstein explained. Since it was founded in 1998, Kamahi Produce and Horticulture has learned the benefits of many different practical farming techniques and now uses a combination of organic methods for “maximum health of humans and plants.”

With extensive education and community engagement in plant systematics, Hawaiian culture, and other areas, Silverstein has tons of experience cultivating specialty horticultural plants and has used it to develop Kamahi Produce and Horticulture with “an emphasis on collecting plant varieties especially suited to grow in Windward Oahu.” To ensure his nursery success in the wet windward environment, Silverstein worked with the National Resource Conservation Service to form a soil conservation plan and paid extra attention to his initial varietal selections. “Proficient in nursery tree care and maintenance, pruning, irrigation, and fertilization,” as well as in care of heliconia, ginger, and tropical ornamental foliage species, as he mentioned, Silverstein is able to bring a wide variety of flowers to the farm.  Now, Kamahi Produce and Horticulture has raised Shower trees, Hong Kong Orchid, Pua Kenikeni, poi grade taro, edible culinary ginger, and cacao. They have over 100 fruit bearing trees, including ulu, citrus, coconut, and mamaki, and are planting many durian trees this year and next. You can also find many Polynesian introduction and exotic plants at Kamahi Produce and Horticulture, as well as mamaki tea.

“The best way to describe our farm methodology is non-ideological,” said Silverstein, meaning that Kamahi Produce and Horticulture’s farming techniques are not limited by any ideology. The farm uses a “regenerative agroforestry diversified agriculture model” and practices techniques that they have gathered through years of horticulture and farming experience, as well as learned from other experienced farmers. They now use a combination of organic methods and conventional practices for the best possible results. 

To enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants growing at Kamahi Produce and Horticulture, you can buy directly from the farm or order flowers arrangements from Meiday Hawaii, Kupanaha Products, Paiko, Puahana, OceanDreamer florals, and Daniel Mench floral designer. Silverstein recommends calling the farm at (808) 368-8205 to get in touch. Kamahi Produce and Horticulture also plans to return to online sales in early 2022 with a new website. For more information about Kamahi Produce and Horticulture, you can check out their Instagram, @subgeniusjay.