By Dagny Brand
Photo by Michelle Rice

With a beautiful ambiance and an abundance of delicious fried chicken, Restaurant XO is always adding new dishes to their diverse menu. Restaurant XO will be participating in Hawaii Agricultural Foundation’s Restaurant Week from April 5-19. They are offering their “XO Favorites Family Style Tasting Menu” for people to try, complete with seven different and creative dishes, including their signature adobo fried chicken and a bunny-shaped butter mochi for dessert.

Restaurant XO’s tasting menu begins with Korean Style Hot & Sticky Chicken Skins. The chip-like chicken skins have the perfect crunch and a slight amount of heat to accompany it. They aren’t too sticky, so your hands will be clean to try the next dish, which is a Beet Lotus with chimichurri and shiso. This vegetarian dish comes with a colorful presentation that you’ll have to stop photographing to taste! As a starch dish, the tasting menu includes a Seaweed Potato Au Gratin with a Portuguese Sausage sauce. The perfectly cooked potatoes melt in your mouth and mix with the seaweed for a flavor unique to Restaurant XO. The next three dishes are all protein dishes with a variety of meats and flavors. Included is Restaurant XO’s signature Adobo Fried Chicken, which is fried to perfection and accompanied by braised peppercorns for a little extra spice. The Pork Taco Box allows the tasters to build their own tacos using the pork, pickles, mole, and house pita that come in a cute tin tray. Restaurant XO rounds out the protein section with a visit to the sea. Their scallops are paired with XO Spiced King Trumpet mushrooms and an herb creme for a creamy end to the protein section of the tasting menu. Restaurant XO’s tasting menu ends in a most adorable fashion with their Fluffle of Brown Butter-Bunny-Butter Mochi. The butter mochi is shaped like an actual bunny and has an amazing mochi consistency. Restaurant XO also offers substitutions and additions to the tasting menu, if desired.

Purchase Restaurant XO’s “XO Favorites Family Style Tasting Menu” for $50 to pick your favorite dish and support local! You can also participate in Restaurant Week by joining the Bid It to Win It for Ag Education online auction. Restaurant XO is excited to announce that they will be opening a vegan restaurant in four months! For more information about Restaurant XO, follow them on Instagram at @xorg_hawaii.