By Dagny Brand

Started in 2016, Dewald Ohana Farms has a goal to promote agricultural land and revive the Waialua farm community. “We’re just doing our little part to bring more sustainable small-scale farms to the area and see Waialua thrive again,” explained owner Steve Dewald. With farmers who double as licensed landscape and irrigation contractors, Dewald Ohana Farms works to provide the community with healthy products and help other farms do the same.

Dewald Ohana Farms is focused on meat goats and working to have 50 resident goats at one time. The animals are all pasture raised and fed naturally. “We use intensive rotational grazing,” explained Dewald regarding the care he has for his herd. The farm is also in the process of introducing cattle and starting production on avocados. All crops and animals are raised without chemicals to ensure safe and healthy food to the Hawaiian community. The avocados are still growing, and Dewald is happy to announce that they will most likely be ready in the next year. Dewald Ohana Farms also offers other services to help the community in promoting “ag land.” As a licensed contractor, Dewald offers farm fencing installation, lot clearing, and water works and irrigation services, in addition to other services. “We’re still in the building up stage,” explained Dewald, who is excited to expand the farm throughout the next five years. Through meat and farm services, Dewald Ohana Farms is proud to do their part to help Waialua and the islands thrive once more.

“Just call us! It’s the best way to reach us right now and see what’s available!” To see what’s available at the farm, call (808) 479-6081 or email goatfarmhawaii@gmail.com.