By Dagny Brand

A small, family-run farm in Wai‘anae, Mountain View Farm has a goal of “helping as many people as we can to achieve a healthy lifestyle without chronic disease,” said owner David Wong, and we were lucky enough to see their remarkable achievements firsthand. The farm uses Korean Natural Farming techniques and focuses on balance within the body. Wong explained that people have a microbiome in their stomach, which provides them with a natural immunity; and if we care for our microbiome, we can overcome incurable sickness. 

To help people regain balance in their immune systems, Mountain View Farm grows moringa, a superfood originally from India, South Africa, and the Philippines. Their moringa powder comes in clear, plant-based capsules to showcase the beautiful green color and is 100% pure moringa leaves, with the stems removed by hand. Mountain View Farm preserves the high nutritional value of the moringa leaves by hand harvesting and processing the leaves and avoiding excessive heat. The capsules are packaged with brown rice for a moisture absorber instead of silica, representative of the farm’s all natural practices. 

The moringa restores balance in the microbiome and allows people’s bodies to cure themselves. Wong and Lea Delos Reyes, who is in charge of processing the moringa, are proud of the testimonials the farm has received regarding the miraculous success of their moringa. One diabetic man took Mountain View Farm moringa capsules for 13 months and saw his blood sugar return to normal with no other medication. Another woman was diagnosed with cervical cancer, but after 8 months of taking moringa, tested negative for cancer and was able to have a child. Wong and Delos Reyes recommend everyone take moringa capsules as a precaution to avoid known incurable diseases when they are older. They advise starting with one pill in the morning and one at night and after a week, taking two pills in the morning and two at night. Moringa is a vegetable, so it is okay to swallow everyday, and the pills themselves are vegetarian.

Mountain View Farm also makes moringa oil from the moringa fruit. The oil is made 100% from seeds and completely edible. Wong recommends using it in a salad dressing or as a moisturizer, and Delos Reyes explained that it has been known to prevent colds and soothe sore throat and even burns. “Moringa rebalances the microbiome, and the microbiome empowers the body to heal itself.” The naturally grown and processed moringa at Mountain View Farm works wonders and represents Wong’s overall goal of helping people cure themselves through restoring balance to their microbiome.

Mountain View Farm grows other crops and raises pigs under the same, all natural philosophy that they recommend to people. “If we, man, back out of the system and go natural, we rebalance everything,” Wong explained, regarding the success of his Korean natural farming method. Mountain View Farm uses no fertilizer, pesticides, or any chemicals in their farming. Instead, they utilize the 170 trillion microbes in the soil to grow their crops, proving the importance of the microbiome in humans. “The plant and the microbes communicate, and the microbes give the plants the elements they need to survive.” Mountain View Farm’s papaya, mango, dragon fruit, Buddha hand, bitter melon, and other crops all grow beautifully, and when people eat them, no chemicals are put into their bodies, once again helping to strengthen their microbiome.

Mountain View Farm is also a large pork producer, and we were baffled by the way their pigs don’t smell, all because of the natural farming techniques. The pigs have no vaccines, supplementation, or antibiotics and are vegetarian fed. Wong focuses on helping the pigs maintain a healthy microbiome by feeding them moringa as well. His pigs proved immune to disease outbreaks occurring on two neighboring farms. He explained that pig and human biology are similar, and humans can have the same success with disease through their microbiome. “What connects plants, animals, and humans? Microbes.” Mountain View Farm creates planter boxes with inoculated soil to allow people to experience natural farming for themselves and provide chemical-free food for their families. Wong explained that the soil does not need to be tilled nor do the plants need to be supplemented with anything except water. “To fix global warming, put one of these boxes in every yard,” Wong mentioned, adding that photosynthesis is the best way to clear the air of carbon dioxide and the natural farming method forces the plants to work for their food, creating oxygen in the process. 

Wong concluded his tour with emphasis on the idea that there are five things to do to be healthy: eat, sleep, avoid stress, exercise, and keep a positive mental attitude. The most important one, eating, is best done to maintain balance in your microbiome through natural, chemical-free foods. After touring the farm, we must add that the best way to learn about the eye-opening philosophy behind Mountain View Farm is to join a tour and see the all natural green for yourself. For more information about Mountain View Farm, click here.