By Dagny Brand
Photo by Reid Shimabukuro

Grown from a family farm started in 1947, Hawaiian Maid Eggs and Ka Lei Eggs have the highest standards and quality of eggs possible. “It all started with our grandfather, Mankichi Shimabukuro, an immigrant from Okinawa. He came here in 1906 with $10.00, looking for a better life and to raise his family,” said vice president Iris Shimabukuro, explaining the roots that her family has in the islands. Hawaiian Maid Eggs and Ka Lei Eggs have since made a huge impact on the Hawaiian community, both in their history and in their missions to give back.

Since Mankichi bought five acres of land in Waianae to start the egg farm, Shimabukuro and her family have been providing fresh island eggs to the community. “We have the only Certified Organic Egg Farm in the State of Hawaii,” explained Shimabukuro, adding that they are the only local egg processing facility that is Certified Organic. Hawaiian Maid Eggs and Ka Lei Eggs are also the only local brands that are USDA Certified. Hawaiian Maid Eggs and Ka Lei Eggs are proud to provide such high quality to the islands and to have been doing so for decades.

We strongly believe in giving back and are very proud to be a part of feeding Hawaii,” said Shimabukuro regarding, Hawaiian Maid Eggs and Ka Lei Eggs’s community outreach. “We have donated and regularly donate to Aloha Harvest, Hawaii Foodbank, Kroc Center, Ronald McDonald House, Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center, Molokai Homestead Farmers Alliance, Young Life Hawaii, Hawaii Cedar Church, The Pantry, Touch a Heart, Habilitat, Light of the World Ministries and recently, Windward Community College, whose kitchen does meals for students in need, to name a few.” Hawaiian Maid Eggs and Ka Lei Eggs have partnered with Hawaii Agricultural Foundation and have been involved in their ‘Eat Think Drink’ events. They also supported and promoted the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce’s ‘No’eau Nights.’ 

The Shimabukuro family is proud to continue providing for the islands through Hawaiian Maid Eggs and Ka Lei Eggs. Eggs Hawaii is the sales and distribution arm of the family business and has a store in Honolulu for people to visit! For more information about Eggs Hawaii, Hawaiian Maid Eggs, Ka Lei Eggs, and the lasting legacy they have in Hawaii, click here.