By Dagny Brand
Photography by John Ulep

Locally crafted and certified by the Italian government, Brick Fire Tavern’s craft Neapolitan pizzas include the perfect blend of traditional flavors and modern freshness. The “fresh, local, and authentic” restaurant recently moved to Kaimuki, and owner Matthew Resich is “stoked to be part of the great food scene in Kaimuki.” In addition to serving dinner, Brick Fire Tavern is open for an amazing pre-fixe lunch! 

The pizza from Brick Fire Tavern is certified by the Italian government as “Vera Pizza Napoletana” or “true Neapolitan pizza.” Their dough is made with only flour, water, yeast, and salt and is balled and stretched by hand. The pizzas are cooked in a wood fire oven at over 1000 degrees. To perfect their Neapolitan pizza, Resich and his life and business partner Inthira Marks traveled to Naples, Italy and learned from Pizzaiolo, or pizza master, Enzo Coccina. “Anything fresh is local,” said Resich, explaining that most of their meat, produce, and herbs come from around the islands. To enhance the traditional nature of the pizzas, Brick Fire Tavern sources most of their aged cheeses, cured meats, olive oil, and flour from Italy. “We look for the best product that matches the pizza, and we are always exploring local alternatives,” Resich explained. 

The menu at Brick Fire Tavern includes traditional and modern pizzas and includes speciality pizzas for holidays and seasons. The restaurant has also recently branched into the pasta world and introduced new pastas to their menu. Some of their pastas are made in-house and others are sourced from local pasta makers. Brick Fire Tavern also serves other dishes, including their crowd favorite meatballs. They are planning on expanding into entrees soon. In addition to changing their menu four times a year and their cocktail menu twice a year, Brick Fire Tavern has a rotating pizza and pasta that change once a week, so check back often to try a variety of delicious dishes! “We try to be seasonal with the menu, so we’re going lighter and brighter for summer!” Resich explained. This summer, Brick Fire Tavern is introducing a strawberry panzanella and a pea ragu in addition to other flavorful plates. While they recommend reservations for dinner, Brick Fire Tavern is excited to offer a pre-fixe lunch menu! Lunch is offered Tuesday through Saturday and includes a soup or salad, pasta or pizza, and gelato. 

Brick Fire Tavern’s new location in Kaimuki is bigger and brighter with white brick walls and wooden panels. The wood fire oven in the corner amplifies the traditional Italian elements of the restaurant. The new location also includes a great private dining room, where Brick Fire Tavern will soon offer Family Style Dinners, Wine Dinners, and other events. “We’re excited to see the future after COVID-19 and to be amongst such great restaurants in Kaimuki,” Resich added. Be sure to visit Brick Fire Tavern and enjoy their pre-fixe lunch menu and seasonal true Neapolitan pizzas! For more information about Brick Fire Tavern, click here.