By Dagny Brand

Known for their delicious kimchi with locally sourced ingredients, Napili FLO Farm, a 100% women-owned farm, has started a “Farming Farmers” initiative. “It’s about all of us growing together and supporting each other,” said Founder Monica Bogar, who has been encouraging people to grow their own food during this quarantine period to improve Hawaii’s self-sustainability for the future.

Started 10 years ago, Napili FLO Farm is a backyard aquaponic farm that practices and teaches regenerative agriculture. Aquaponics uses the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants to maintain a no-waste system, which inspired Bogar to reduce waste in her whole lifestyle, including making her own fertilizer and worm composting. It is this inspiration that she brings when setting up backyard systems for those who want to try their hand at farming. Napili FLO Farm has created a simplified aquaponic system for people who have not yet been exposed to growing their own food. “Whatever your fears are, let me help you through it,” said Bogar, who practices maximizing small spaces and customizing the systems to people’s accessibility.

The fresh products at Napili FLO Farm reflect the high quality of their farming system. The farm recently launched a pineapple ginger turmeric sauerkraut using the turmeric and ginger that they grow onsite. All their ingredients are grown on Maui. Their kimchi, which was inspired by Bogar’s mother and her techniques, is vegan and MSG-free. Napili FLO Farm’s kimchi is sold at Mana Foods, Down to Earth, Hawaiian Moons, and A‘a Roots. Through its products and aquaponic system teachings, Napili FLO Farm is truly “bringing the community back through food,” as Bogar hoped.

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