By Dagny Brand

As a farm-to-table bakery, Haole Girl Island Sweets features local products in their fresh and handmade pastries. Trained in European baking, Owner Judith Capertina loves to work her menu around what is in season. “It’s the real deal,” she said, referring to the natural and nutritious qualities of her locally-made products. “For me as a chef, it’s a lot more gratifying to be able to do that. It makes a difference.”

Located in Kapa’a, Kauai, Haole Girl Island Sweets utilizes a product from the island in every baked good, and most popularly, in the fillings for her delicious croissants. The croissant dough is rolled each day and sweetened with local honey. “Honey is an invert sugar, and it also has vitamin content. If you are diabetic, you don’t have to worry about it with honey,” explained Capertina, who researches each of her ingredients to ensure nutritious end products. “There’s just really good flavor exchanges,” said Capertina.

This year, Haole Girl Island Sweets highlighted their croissants with the local flavors in taro, pineapple, goat cheese, and avocado. Capertina creates other baked goods to feature local ingredients that she receives. She recently was given calamansi oranges, which she turned into a marmalade for her sour cream pound cake. Capertina also worked with ulu, “a hugely nutritious superfood with a mild flavor.” Using the ulu and local apple bananas she had received, she made a chocolate apple banana ulu bread pudding. “We just play with different things and whatever is coming up.”

“In utilizing local products, we support the local economy and keep food costs down, so we keep everything as local as we can.” Haole Girl Island Sweets makes both sweet and savory stuffed croissants, along with other pastries like their macadamia nut cinnamon rolls and banana bread. They also do special orders, including speciality cakes, all which can be made vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free. Haole Girl Island Sweets has a storefront in central Kapa’a, which is now open Thursday-Sunday. Through the COVID-19 shutdowns, they have still been located at the Puhi and Kilauea Farmers’ Markets. They are signed up for 15% off with the Restaurant Card Program. Everything is made to order for a fresh and delicious result.

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