By Dagny Brand

“The sweetness you’re tasting is from the flowers you see around you,” said Yuki Uzuhashi, owner of Manoa Honey & Mead (MHM), when asked about the essence of his 100% local products. Since its takeover in 2014, Yuki and Erika Uzuhashi’s honey farm has used only local ingredients to bring out the flavors of Hawaii in both their honey and their mead. Mead is a fermented honey wine. MHM introduced their mead to the market this past May. Mr. Uzuhashi described the liquor as the perfect drink for relaxing during a sunny afternoon. The mead comes in three Hawaii-inspired flavors: lilikoi, pineapple, and Punch 4, which includes dragon fruit, mango, and tahitian lime mixed into the lilikoi base. MHM’s main factories are in Wahiawa and Whitmore with 350 hives located around the island. The mead pairs well with a light meal or can stand alone, and their variety of honey goes well with foods ranging from meat to chocolate.

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