By Dagny Brand


We are sharing this story to celebrate the life of Ryan Mohr, who passed away on January 30, 2021. Our hearts are with the Mohr family as they continue to honor his legacy and vision at Keiki and Plow. 


A non-profit organization founded by the Mohr family, Ryan, Heather, and their three young children, Keiki and Plow works to “inspire health, empower children, and grow community through sustainable agriculture.” Executive Director Heather Mohr explained that she has a “lifelong passion of advocating for the health and wellbeing of children and the greater community,” which she is fulfilling through a large community and educational outreach with Keiki and Plow. “We believe that children in particular need hands-on experience and memory making to develop a deep love and understanding of the natural world.” Keiki and Plow’s engaging farm events and fresh produce bring both wellness and smiles to the community in a multitude of ways. 

Keiki and Plow invites community members onto the farm to learn about the land and the Hawaiian environment. “Keiki and Plow has a unique nature inspired play space, chickens, bunnies, goats and ducks to interact with and learn from.” The educational opportunities, geared toward children and families but open to everyone, have been altered to continue safely in the midst of the pandemic. The “Open Farm” and “Farm Play and Harvest” programs have transformed into “Private Playgroup” experiences, in which visitors make reservations to ensure they stay safe and solely with family and friends during their time at the farm. “We’re so proud to have kept our doors open for much needed time playing, relaxing, and connecting throughout the pandemic, and also very much look forward to our ‘Open Farm’ days again in the future.” In addition to their new “Private Playgroup” program, Keiki and Plow offers tours and workshops and hosts “virtual field trips” on social media to engage the community. Mohr explained, “Allowing our farm to be an open space for exploration engaged our community in a multi-sensory, fun, and practical experience” and the farm encourages “building foundations for healthy relationships to one another, food, and the world around us.” Despite the pandemic, Keiki and Plow has held true to their mission and moved to socially-distant, safe, and even virtual ways to continue this exploration and relationship-building. 

While continuing to engage the community in sustainable and agricultural experiences, Keiki and Plow provides the community with fresh produce as well. On Fridays, Keiki and Plow offers an onsite “Grab ‘n Go” market and sells produce through the Oahu Community Supported Market CSA. Their pre-COVID-19 “U-Pick” produce experience has transformed into an “Ohana Cooking Kits” program, coming Spring 2021. The program “will further allow us to connect and inspire wellness and fun within our community families while also featuring some of our Keiki and Plow grown produce.” 

Keiki and Plow is excited to be open for playgroup bookings and small private events and to continue offering fresh organic produce to the community! Mohr emphasized, “The support from our community has sustained our farm and family throughout the pandemic, and we are so grateful for your smiles and continued smiles as we navigate these difficult times.”

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