By Dagny Brand

Inspired by a mother’s love of Hawaiian chili pepper, a local childhood favorite, Haleakala Supah Shots creates “chilled, spicy, sweet” elixirs that are delicious and nutritious. The raw, vegan elixirs are made with local ingredients sourced from upcountry Maui, increasing community collaboration. Business creator and owner Tina Kekoolani explained, “The elixirs address health benefits and elevate the nutrition of the Hawaiian chili pepper.” Heleakala Supah Shots’ are “Hot, Healthy, Hawaiian!”

Haleakala Supah Shots offers three flavors of elixir, all featuring the Hawaiian chili pepper. “I really wanted vibrance and variety, as well as fruits that pair well with the heat of the pepper.” The first flavor, Hawaiian Chili Pepper and Lilikoi Elixir, won “Best New Food Product” at the Made in Maui Country Festival and is a “well-balanced elixir, rounded off with vinegar, ‘hand harvest’ salt with the nutrients still in it, and agave.” Haleakala Supah Shots also offers a Hawaiian Chili Pepper and Strawberry Elixir, “made with sweet Kula strawberries rich in antioxidants,” and a Hawaiian Chili Pepper, Pineapple, and Thai Basil Elixir. “The pineapple is great for digestive health, and the power of the pineapple paired with the antibacterial and antifungal property of the Thai basil is both delicious and purposeful.” The unique and exotic flavor makes this elixir Kekoolani’s favorite. The elixirs are incredible for “addressing digestion, immunity boosting, metabolism boosting, improving blood circulation, and relieving constipation.” Kekoolani also mentioned that while the shots are great on their own, she loves to use them in marinades or in poke bombs. “Get your favorite poke and add those shots, and it really elevates it.”

The elixir ingredients are all from upcountry Maui, either grown by Kekoolani herself or sourced from her neighbor farms. “[Kula] is a very well-rounded community when it comes to the sharing of food and the growing of food,” said Kekoolani. Haleakala Supah Shots highlights the vast produce grown on the islands and helps the community benefit in a healthy and vibrant way. “I want to be a regenerative resource and help the farmers around me.” The elixirs from Haleakala Supah Shots come in glass bottles to help eliminate single use plastics. “I wanted everything to be purposeful, so the bottle is high quality Italian glass. I wanted to promote the reducing, reusing, and recycling of our materials.” Consumers can redeem their bottles to receive money off of future purchases. The quarter-liter bottles are worth $2 off, and the half-liter and 1-liter bottles are worth $5 off. “I really want that to be an incentive for folks to be mindful of the vessels that carry their food.”

The elixirs at Haleakala Supah Shots are “raw and vegan, which puts an importance on nutritional value” but also makes them perishable. Kekoolani explained, “Because of its raw potency, it needs to be opened daily and kept refrigerated.” Haleakala Supah Shots offers free delivery in upcountry Maui. “I know a lot of families are still hunkered down and many kids are still at home for virtual learning, so I wanted to make that option available to them.” The elixirs can be ordered through phone or website or bought at the farm stand at Kula Country Farms. Case by case shipping is available to outer islands and all over the mainland.

Haleakala Supah Shots is on both Instagram (@haleakalasupahshots) and Facebook and available through Kama’aina First. For more information, call or text 808-357-1927 or click here.