By Dagny Brand


Sourcing local and organic ingredients, Sage Creamery tells community stories through their delicious ice cream. “Our mission is to deliver happiness through our ice cream – one scoop at a time,” said founder Zach Villanueva, who launched the company at the beginning of the pandemic with pick-up and delivery methods. “[My partner and I] thought it was the best time to share this “affordable luxury” in a time when everyone needed a little more comfort in their lives.” In addition through telling stories through taste, Sage Creamery shares stories through its name, Sage. “A ‘Sage’ is someone who is considered wise, experienced in life, and featured in history,” explained Villanueva, who shared that his brother passed away after leading the life of a Sage. “We learned that he was not only a free-spirit — but had also made such a positive impact on everyone around him.” In honor of his brother, Villanueva brings “organic, locally sourced, premium quality ice cream to customers that otherwise could not be found here in the islands.”

Sage Creamery partners with many local companies “not only to get the freshest ingredients possible, but also to share their stories, and we use our ice cream as a vehicle to do just that.” Lā’ie Vanilla Co., Mānoa Honey Co., Kō Hana Distillers, Mānoa Chocolate, and ChadLouʻs Coffee Roasters are just a few of the companies featured in the ice cream. Sage Creamery’s flavors are inspired by the season, by what they like to eat, and by current events. “With the civil unrest during the middle of the pandemic, for July 4th, we decided to release and celebrate the different immigrant cultures that make up the United States and created flavors like Tigernut Horchata (African tigernut), Dulce De Leche (Spanish sweet milk), and Kuro Goma (Asian black sesame).” For the holiday season, Sage Creamery made a Wildberry Crumble flavor with a cream cheese ice cream base, berry jam swirl, and oat-cinnamon crumbed that tastes “like eating a pie in ice cream form!” While Sage Creamery has a variety of interesting flavors, Villanueva shared that his favorite flavor is the North Shore Vanilla Bean ice cream. “There’s nothing more nostalgic or enjoyable than a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream, especially when the vanilla comes from the North Shore on Oahu!”

In addition to bringing delicious and local flavored ice cream to the islands, Sage Creamery is contributing to the community through education. “We are working with Maʻemaʻe Elementary School, where the students are learning how to develop their own ice cream flavor to represent the school and are learning how to take it from concept to market,” explained Villanueva. “Weʻre also working with and supplying ice cream for a fundraiser benefiting a local non-profit called Women Speaking Out, which educates the community on the prevention of domestic violence.” Through their outreach, Sage Creamery is definitely living up to its name, Sage. 

Sage Creamery is at Mililani Farmers Market every Sunday and Blaisdell Farmers Market every Wednesday. Ice cream pints are also sold at Diamond Head Market and Grill, Kokua Market, and ChadLouʻs Coffee Roastery. Villanueva added, “We are planning to launch our first ice cream truck in 2021!”

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