FAQ For Consumers

What is Food-A-Go-Go?
Food-A-Go-Go is a campaign to support all local restaurants statewide in Hawaii that are open for takeout, delivery and/or curbside pickup during this COVID-19 pandemic by asking customers to consider these restaurants as an alternative means of providing meals for their families and to help our local restaurants that have had to close in-room dining.

FoodAGoGo.org is an online database, providing as much up-to-date information as possible on all restaurants that remain open with delivery, takeout and or curbside pickup. It’s a free service offering lots of different options from fine dining to family restaurants to takeout operations.

How do you use FoodAGoGo.org?
Visit FoodAGoGo.org to browse nearly 1,000 restaurants and eateries that remain open in the state of Hawaii. You can search or filter restaurants based on your inquiry and select the “Learn More” button to be taken to the restaurant information page.

Orders must be placed directly with the restaurant or delivery service options (i.e. DoorDash, BiteSquad, Uber Eats), which is listed in the delivery service notes.

Can I sort by island?
Yes, the search box on the home page includes a drop-down option to filter by island, food service and service type. For the island of Oahu, there is a neighborhood filter to help users sort through the high volume of restaurants and eateries on Oahu.

What do I do if Food-A-Go-Go lists a restaurant that is no longer open or the wrong information is included on the website?
Food-A-Go-Go populates and updates restaurant information as it becomes available to us. Business hours and changes in operation provided to us are subject to change due to the circumstances of the individual restaurants. Please feel free to send any updates to info@foodagogo.org and our team will look into it. Thank you for letting us know!

How can I share this with a restaurant owner to be included?
Please have them fill out our online form here: https://foodagogo.org/submit-a-restaurant/ with the restaurant’s information to get added. There are no listing or registration fees.

Why are you supporting restaurants and not just people who lost their jobs?
Food-A-Go-Go supports the restaurants and all of the individuals both working and unemployed in the food service industry. When our government closed all in-room dining, restaurants were forced to either close completely or go to a takeout, delivery or curbside pickup operation. We know that many restaurants will be severely impacted and may not reopen. Supporting those restaurants that remain open is critically important so that once the quarantine is lifted these restaurants are able to rehire most of their employees who were laid off. We are all in this together!

What are restaurants doing to ensure the safety of our food?
We are unable to speak on behalf of restaurants, but can provide you guidelines on food safety during COVID-19 put forth by the CDC and USDA for restaurants. In addition, the Hawaii State Department of Health has also posted additional guidelines for restaurants regarding COVID-19 their website.

I would like to support restaurants, but I cannot afford to purchase takeout. How can I help?
We appreciate your considering support for our restaurants and understand everyone has a different financial situation. However, you can still help by sharing the #FoodAGoGo campaign with friends, family and coworkers. With more shares, clicks and restaurant orders, we can make a bigger difference to keep our community going.

What about all the other service businesses that are losing income, such as hair salons, book stores, hotels and retail operations.
We understand the impact of COVID-19 will severely impact all small businesses and especially the service industry during this time. While we would like to help everyone, Hawaii Agricultural Foundation’s mission is to help our agricultural industry and, in turn, is supporting the restaurants that play a big role in buying from our local farmers. Beyond the restaurants, this campaign will help all businesses that are a part of a larger food chain, including purveyors, distributors, growers, fishermen, ranchers, farmers, and more.

How can I purchase gift cards?
Please contact the restaurants directly to purchase gift cards.

Do you offer any discounts for medical workers, armed forces or students?
Food-A-Go-Go is a database listing restaurants offering takeout, delivery and/or curbside pickup during this time. Please contact the restaurants directly to inquire about discounts available.