By Dagny Brand

Beyond Pastry Studio is engaging the community through both the flavors it offers and the experiences it will bring as it grows into a workshop area for developing bakers. Founder Cristina Nishioka is proud to be opening a space where people can come to bake, create, innovate, and collaborate. While she puts the finishing touches on her studio, Nishioka is holding pop-ups with a few of the delicious treats that people can find and bake in Beyond Pastry Studio.

Ready “to give back and to build a baking community,” Beyond Pastry Studio is a place for anyone, including other chefs, who wants to bake but cannot go to culinary school to try their hand at the craft. “I always wanted to share what I love to do, baking,” said Nishioka about the idea behind the studio. She plans to give these new (or experienced) bakers the encouragement and education they need to feel equipped to bake and create on their own. Built during the pandemic, Beyond Pastry Studio will be starting small with private workshops for 5 or 6 people to have fun together and to learn the science behind baking, as well as baking techniques and the differences between baking and cooking. These groups, which will eventually grow larger, might learn to make quick-rise bread, cupcakes, cookies, and other treats! Nishioka has always used her baking to give back to the community. She first joined a Cookie Corner recipe competition and won a donation toward a cause of her choice, a scholarship for women engineers in Hawaii. She continued to support women and minority engineering students through her Brownie Making Boxes fundraiser, in which she provided organic, natural brownie ingredients, as well as a baking pan and a step by step procedure for people to enjoy baking at home. Nishioka continues to create pastry boxes to support the community and is bringing the same energy to Beyond Pastry Studio. “The studio is community oriented. We’re just going to evolve as we move forward and involve the community along the way,” she mentioned, adding that she plans to arrange experiences for disadvantaged kids to spark their interest in working with their hands. As Beyond Pastry Studio grows, Nishioka is thankful that her pop-ups have given her the opportunity and confidence to bring the studio to reality.

In her pop-ups and soon to be in her studio, Nishioka creates delicious and natural pastries and more. Beyond Pastry Studio is active in supporting local farmers and uses Hawaii-grown ingredients whenever possible. “A pillar of the business is sustainability,” said Nishioka. “I really believe that we as an island should support our own.” The Epicurean Cheesecake from Beyond Pastry Studio is an airy, smaller cheesecake with many layers and is topped with mascarpone. The cheesecake comes in chocolate as well, and “you can eat the whole thing yourself” because of the convenient size and lighter nature of the cake, as Nishioka explained. The pop-ups also offer other shelf stable products, like dairy-free babka, dairy-free loaves, and pesto bread. Nishioka is excited to expand her offerings in the studio space. The studio’s menu will evolve depending on what ingredients are in season and will always include signature products, fresh ideas, and something new to try.

Excited to invite you into Beyond Pastry Studio, Nishioka is very grateful for everyone who helped her along the way. She explained that the studio was truly “built by the community, for the community” and is happy to give back to people like those who reached out with help and referrals throughout the process. For more information about Beyond Pastry Studio, click here.